Hey! I'm

Red Williams


I'm a student at Virginia Tech studying Software Systems with a minor in Computer Science, facing an expected graduation date of Winter 2025. I'm always seeking to learn from others and expand my skillset!


In addition to being a student, I prioritize continuous learning and a commitment. Outside of my academic responsibilities, I actively seek out new challenges and projects to expand my skill set. This proactive approach has allowed me to deepen my understanding and proficiency in areas such as Web Development using tools like Typescript and React, as well as Object-Oriented Programming with languages like Java and C#, and even UI design with Figma. Despite often being the sole developer on these projects, my familiarity with Git enables me to maintain scalable code and uphold good system design practices such as conventional commits and modular architecture. I am eager to leverage my knowledge and creativity in a professional, team-based setting.

Mentioned earlier in part, I am proficient and well-practiced in Javascript (ES6), Typescript, HTML5, CSS (including SCSS and SASS), React, Java, C#, and Python, and an increasing proficiency with C and C++. With this foundation, I was able to accomplish projects like the website for Shredquarters at VT and my 2D game Lost Cat Scared Cat.

As I continue to expand my knowledge and expertise in software development, I am increasingly drawn to the field of systems engineering. I am fascinated by the complex interplay of hardware and software components within large-scale systems and am eager to apply my programming skills to tackle intricate challenges in system design, optimization, and integration.

A profile picture with a hexagonal outline
A profile picture with a hexagonal outline


  • Thumbnail image describing the Shredquarters at Virginia Tech project

    Shredquarters at Virginia Tech

    The website for Shredquarters at Virginia Tech, which is the universities offical skateboarding club. Developed and designed by yours truly.

    • Next.js
    • Typescript
    • Sass
    • Supabase
  • Thumbnail image describing the Lost Cat Scared Cat project

    Lost Cat Scared Cat

    A 2D, endless runner game developed with Unity. The game features a cat navigating a periolous forest of foxes that run, lunge, and jump at the cat.

    • Unity 2D
    • C#
  • Thumbnail image describing the Portfolio Website v2 project

    Portfolio Website v2

    The second iteration of my portfolio website, built with Astro.js with a React integration, and Sanity.io as a backend CMS

    • Node
    • Typescript
    • Astro
    • Vite


Let's Connect!

I am currently looking for Internships around Summer 2024. I would love the opportunity to work and learn from you! Please reach out if you have any questions, or would like to hear from me.